Naughty Adventures

The Naughty Englishman

The Naughty Englishman

Devine cleared her throat as soon as she stepped into the large hotel suite. Her client, an Englishman, owned more than twenty percent share of the stock market and he was beaming happily at her as if she was worth more than all his wealth.

She let him embrace her and also beamed back at him, especially after he brushed a soft kiss on her temple and on her hand.

“I am here, Henry.” She told him, her eyes scanning the rigid features of his handsome face.

“Indeed you are.” He said. “And of course, you don’t mind a bit of instant play on your first day as my ebony escort, do you?”

“Oh, I certainly do not mind.” Devine muttered, finding his civil behaviour quite remarkable. She smiled coyly when he bowed his head briefly before leading her towards the king-size bed at the middle of the room.

“Peaches?” He whispered.

“Your breasts.” He explained when Devine turned to him with a questioning look. “They look so beautiful and irresistible underneath your brown dress.”

“So, I have been told.” Devine whispered proudly. She batted her eyelashes at him and began to toy with the hem of his shirt. “Do you want me to take the blouse off?” She asked him.

“Yes. Do.” He whispered instantly, getting her to chuckle at his obvious eagerness.

She took a step away from him and began to slowly twist her hips. Her short skirt squeezed against her ebony skin and began to fold upwards, revealing more of her thick melanin thighs.

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“Get everything off.” Her client exhaled, his eyes intently focusing on her.

Devine took her time. She brushed her heaving breasts with her hands, enjoying the tingling sensations that washed over her. Afterwards, still twisting her hips, she began to unbutton her blouse and when the final one came loose; she batted her eyelashes seductively and shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh my….”

Her client was speechless. The blouse slid off her shoulders to reveal spotless and melon-sized breasts, certainly far better than what he had imagined.

“The skirt.” He breathed hurriedly. “Take that off too.”

Devine had beaten him to it. She held the waistband of her fitted short skirt and pushed downwards as gently as she could. Her whirling hips made her movement quite seductive and provocative at the same time, and before she could straighten her back, he was only an inch away from her, his eyes glinting with so much passion.

“Beautiful.” He said. “So beautiful.”

Devine couldn’t hide the wide grin on her face as he slowly went to his knees and began to trail the length of her thighs with his fingers. She felt his warm lips on her clit first before his tongue dug deep into her.

This was why she loved London, she told herself seconds before a gratifying moan escaped her lips.